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Forex BulletProof Robot Reviews

Forex BulletProof Robot Reviews 

your winnings can reach a few thousands percent if the trend and conditions are right. This is what I like about forex trading.,forex education,forex 

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This EA is creating huge attention

The team of king of forex robots, Fapturbo is finally coming out with their latest creation, Forex BulletProof.

What is surprising that they took so long to come up with a new creation of theirs.

After all, they do have the expertise and support now after a few forex robots of their own.

Forex BulletProof might be a very good forex robot in the making.


Forex Bulletproof is not a new EA. It has been used for the past 6 years by 3 members from the Fapturbo team.

It is programmed as a “safe and constant wealth growing” robot. More like your bank but with much higher interest.

Nature of Forex Bulletproof

As such, Forex Bulletproof does not have the aggression like your typical 1000% monthly forex robot.

It is programmed to handle your capital with care and grow it on a constant steady rate.

On average, the team is looking at a 5% growth every single month.

Therefore, you should not expect this robot to go out blasting every trades. It will stay on the background and trade when the risk is low.

Do only judge the forex robot at the end of the month.  1 single trade may be all you need for a 5% growth.

The Results

The team has not uploaded any trading statements on Forex Bulletproof so far. They did reveal how much the forex robot has made for them.

If you were to deposit $1000 with this robot 6 years ago, this $1000 would turn into $149,000. This is near 1500% with an average 250% every year.

Not bad for a “bank”.

However you do need full compounding for this to work out.

You will need Forex Bulletproof to keep winning too for such high percentage growth.

How about more aggressive trading

Now  you might be thinking: “How can I make it more aggressive then?”

Sorry you can’t as the robot is programmed to focus on 1 trading system.

The fapturbo team has anticipated such requests and have provided two upsells.

Add-On 1: High Voltage EA

Every single code inside High Voltage Robot is about finding High Reward – High Risk trades.

You could easily expect this forex robot to make a few hundred percent returns in a few days.On the other side, it could just bust your capital in a single day.

This is purely a gambler robot. You must only deposit your “play” capital.

What”s good about this kind of trading is that your risk is capped at 100% however your reward is “unlimited” .

Your winnings can reach a few thousands percent if the trend and conditions are right. This is what I like about forex trading.

I have a “play” account like this and I usually strike a good winning streak 2 or 3 times a month and it will easily cover all my monthly expenses.

At the end of the day, the key is how much you withdraw. You need to withdraw those profits into real hard cash.

The team advises you to withdraw your profits every 3 days. This is where High Voltage EA could run into losses based on historical trading records.

Add-On 2: Market Dominator Trading Package

I bet most people isn’t interested in this trading package.

Market Dominator package contains some of the best MANUAL trading systems from a recent fx competition.

I heard that the top systems have generated a few hundred percent and 1 with as high as a few thousand percent.

Frankly speaking, if you want to diversify your trading income, you need to trade yourself too.

Put yourself and a few good trading robots into the wealth-creation formula.

You will go a long way to creating a sustainable wealth-growing system.A forex robot will not last forever but you as a human trader can. So don’t be too quick to skip this trading package.


I will not be able to give a complete PROs vs CONs review as the robot isn’t released. I do see some clear signs though.

1. Experienced Trading, Programing and Support Team

If you have owned a forex robot before, it is likely to be Fapturbo.

Fapturbo robot is undoubtly one of the most popular forex robot in history. The amount of information/reviews on this robot over the net is scary.

They have experiences dealing with huge number of customers from different backgrounds.

They will have to deal with different technical issues and requests from the customers using different pc platform and trading softwares.

The Fapturbo team has released 50 over version updates so far. The most I have heard from any forex robot, more than their main competitor Forex Megadroid.

After a few forex robots released, they will have good sense on what works and what doesn’t.

Therefore it is less likely you will not encounter those trading and programming bugs compared to a new forex vendor.

2. Great support from different community

Popular products alway get a lot of attention and support from the online community.

Look at IPhone 4 or Ipad, there are already different communities discussing on how to best make use of IPhone.

Forex Bulletproof will have this kind of users-support based on what we see from Fapturbo.

With a huge existing customer base from Fapturbo, Fapturbo Evolution and Forex Autopilot, Forex Bulletproof will generate a lot of attention too.

You will see people discussing about Forex Bulletproof results, settings, improvement, updates and etc.

The fapturbo developers will be more pressurised to provide updates and better customer support.

Something you won’t have with most newer and unpopular forex robots.

Overall, you will benefit as an end-user.

1. Difficult to get rich with the EA alone

I am not sure if this is really a CON.

But as most forex robot users, this is why they are buying the forex robot in the first place.  They want to make a lot of money like what the vendors have promised.

Moreover, this default Forex Bulletproof is developed as a slow constant wealth compounder.

As such you need many months and years before you can see substantial growth in your capital.

Market will also change and the development team will need to add patches to help the forex robot to adapt better.

2. Upsells and Upsells

Most people won’t like that two upsells they are seeing. Yet this is probably the norm now with forex products.

With a low price entry, you won’t get everything.

Upsells complement the main product. You don’t need the Upsells unless you want a full comprehensive trading package.

Your Reviews and Comments

Feel free to leave any comments, reviews and findings on Forex Bulletproof on the comment box below.

I will approve all comments as long they made sense. Thank you.

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